Topics of master thesis for master study program “Mechanical Engineering”, specialization “Process Engineering” for academic year 2020/2021.

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Assoc. Prof. Ing. Lukáš Krátký, Ph.D.

  • Experimental determination and modelling of energy demand for mechanical size reduction of wastes.
  • Feasibility study of a technology converting emitted CO2 to X in biorefinery concept.


Assoc. Prof. Ing. Karel Petera, Ph.D.

  • CFD simulation of sedimentation of small particles.
  • Modelling light distribution in a photobioreactor.
  • Optimization of heat transfer between fluid stream and heat transfer surface.


Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jan Skočilas, Ph.D.

  • Production of ceramic aggregates in rotary furnace.
  • Spray dryer for gluten free powder production.
  • Design of extruder for L profile production.


Ing. Jiří Moravec, Ph.D.

  • Experimental stand for observation of flow of suspension in a pipe.
  • Measuring sensor for rheological properties of fluids.
  • Power consumption of impellers during vessel filling/draining.
  • Carbonation of water (production of sparkling water).
  • Balance of CO2 produced by vehicles with different types of engine.
  • Free topic.


Ing. Jaromír Štancl, Ph.D.

  • Electric properties of foods.
  • Dependence of deformation on the electrical properties of the biopolymer.
  • Proposal of selected processing line.


Ing. Michal Netušil, Ph.D.

  • Water separation from the air.
  • Pollutants in the filter element.

Ing. Stanislav Solnař

  • Measurement of thermal conductivity of materials based on oscillation method.
  • Heat exchangers for computers.

Ing. Mgr. Vojtěch Bělohlav

  • CFD simulation of hydrodynamic conditions in flat-panel photobioreactor.
  • Design of aeration element for flat-panel photobioreactor.
  • Effective harvesting technology for separation of microalgae from culture medium.

Ing. Viktor Vajc

  • Surface tension in technical applications.
  • Spray cooling.