Topics of master thesis for master study program “Mechanical Engineering”, specialization “Process Engineering” for academic year 2021/2022.

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Assoc. Prof. Ing. Lukáš Krátký, Ph.D.

  • Gas membrane separation processes in CCU technologies.
  • Process characteristics of ball-milled materials.


Assoc. Prof. Ing. Karel Petera, Ph.D.

  • Modeling microalgae growth in a photobioreactor.


Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jan Skočilas, Ph.D.

  • Spray dryer for gluten free powder production.
  • Design of extruder for L profile production.
  • Spray Dryer for gluten free powder production.


Ing. Jiří Moravec, Ph.D.

  • Process characteristics of hydrodynamically optimized impellers.
  • Effect of dynamics of liquid level change on the power consumption of impeller in mixed vessel.
  • Optimization of measuring sensor for rheological properties of fluids.
  • Rheological properties of fluids.


Ing. Jaromír Štancl, Ph.D.

  • Electric properties of foods.
  • Dependence of deformation on the electrical properties of the biopolymer.
  • Proposal of selected processing line in food industry.


Ing. Michal Netušil, Ph.D.

  • Categorization of particulate matter.
  • Evaluation of separation tests and prediction of results.

Ing. Stanislav Solnař

  • Measurement of thermal conductivity of materials based on oscillation method.

Ing. Mgr. Vojtěch Bělohlav

  • Microalgae biorefinery: High-value products perspectives.
  • Hydrodynamics conditions in a vertical tubular photobioreactor.

Ing. Viktor Vajc

  • Image analysis of bubbles in boiling liquid.