Directional subjects for Bachelor Studies of Mechanical Engineering, Power and Process Engineering, scope to Process Engineering.


  • Chemistry
    • Teacher: prof. Ing. Rudolf Žitný, CSc.; Ing. Jaromír Štancl, Ph.D.
    • Annotation: General chemistry from the point of view of mechanical and process engineering. Physical chemistry forms 2/3 of the course (structure and properties of matter, thermodynamics, phase equilibrium, chemical reactions, reaction engineering), the remaining 1/3 is devoted to organic chemistry (hydrocarbons, polymers) and biochemistry. Laboratory practice is oriented upon the material properties measurement.


  • Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer
    • Teacher: prof. Ing. Rudolf Žitný, CSc.; Ing. Karel Petera, Ph.D.
    • Annotation: Fundamentals of transport phenomena balances in homogeneous fluids. Navier-Stokes equations. Momentum transport in turbulent flows. Mechanical energy equation. Residence time distributions in continuous systems. Conduction heat transfer. Forced and natural convection heat transfer. Heat transfer with phase changes and thermal radiation. Multicomponent systems. Mass transfer by molecular diffusion, convection, with chemical reactions and interphase mass transfer.


  • Bachelor thesis

    • Teacher: department´s staff
    • Annotation: Bachelor thesis is final individual work. This work checks ability of logical independent technical thinking and treatment with technical materials. There is applied acquired knowledge from previous study periods.