The Department of Process Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague is engaged in designing technologies, design and construction of machinery and equipment for food, chemical and process industries, ecology and waste treatment technologies. As for education, the department participates in bachelor’s degree programs Theoretical Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with scope to Process Engineering. The department provides full education in Master and Doctoral Studies with a focus on Process Engineering.

Among the subjects which will create your professional profile belong hydromechanic, thermal and diffusion separation processes, reactors and bioreactors and also subjects focused on construction, deepening your knowledge of elasticity, strength and mechanics. After graduation you will not only master the design of process lines and larger production units, but also the issue of the design and construction of machinery and equipment including the necessary procedural and strength calculations. This allows graduates to work in research and development, design, manufacture and maintenance. Some of the graduates also lead design teams where they supervise other professional fields.