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  • Mixing equipment (from lab to pilot scale with volumes 6-1000 litres).
  • Pilot high capacity mixing equipment with side impellers (volume 3000 litres).
  • Lab-fermenter with substrate capacity 35 litres. The vessel has internal diameter equal to 300 mm and it is equipped with bottom agitator drive that is powered by electric motor of 1.1 kW with steeples speed. Fermenter is equipped with sensors of temperature, pressure, humidity and pH and is controlled by its own control system. Furthermore, it is equipped with a flowmeter of small flow rate (0.1 to 30 l / h) and a gas composition analyzer (analysis of CO2, CH4, H2 and O2).
  • Equipment for lignocellulosic biomass treatment in biofuel technologies, i.e. thermal and thermal-expansionary treatment. The equipment allows to treat 8 litres of substrate under process temperature of 200 °C and corresponded pressure 1.55 MPa. There are complete computer controls of the entire process.
  • Hydraulic test track with maximum liquid flowrate 50m3/h equipped with flowmeter DN 40 / DN 50. The track allows a measurement of pressure losses in the various segments of the route, or embedded elements (differential pressure).
  • Circulation drier with the possibility to modify the fluidized-bed drying. Complete control of a continuous collection of data (temperature, humidity, speed of drying air) from the PC (custom applications).
  • Fluid bed dryers. The maximum temperature of 80 °C. The speed of the drying air in the drying chamber 2 m/s.
  • The laser particle size analyzer FRITSCH “Analyse A22” COMPACT – micron range 0,3-300, ultrasonic dispersing unit for measurements in liquid environments.
  • Optical microscopy.
  • Rotary rheometers RHEOTEC RC 20 – range from 1 to 32000 mPa.s viscosity measurements, from 0 to 206 Pa shear stress and shear rate 4-4000 1/s.
  • Measurement of thermal conductivity of solid and powder materials by Kemtherm QTM 4 analyser.
  • Equipment for continuous microwave heating (microwave drying, microwave thawing, microwave).
  • Apparatus for ohmic and microwave heating.