Bachelor studies in 3year study program “Theoretical Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering” – TFME

Graduates will acquire knowledge of general theoretical basis (mathematics, constructive geometry, physics, chemistry, computer graphics) and preparatory theoretical subjects with a stronger connection to mechanical engineering (mechanics of solid, material science, thermomechanics and hydromechanics) A level that allows them not only their practical application but also their further development in engineering applications. Students interested in Process Engineering have the opportunity to study subjects that will acquaint them with the specialization of the Department of Process Engineering and which will allow them to prepare bachelor work under the supervision of department´s staff.

Directional subjects for TFME

All study materials are available in MOODLE, section “Process Engineering”.

Topics of bachelor thesis are offered individually according to specialization of student. Contact please tutor of the department – assoc. prof. Lukas Kratky, Ph.D.