The Department of Process Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague is engaged in designing technologies, design and construction of machinery and equipment for food, chemical and process industries, ecology and waste treatment technologies. The scientific and research activities of the Department are concerned with the processes, machines and equipment for momentum, heat and mass transfer, related with cleaning and refining synthetic gases and gaseous emissions. Design and modeling of fluid flow in pipe line systems, design and modeling of hydro-mechanical separation processes and equipment design (filtration, separation of suspensions by gravity or centrifugal force, fluidization) mixing and blending processes and equipment, diffusion separation processes and equipment design (distillation, absorption , adsorption, membrane operations, crystallization), heat processes and equipment design (heating and cooling agents, condensation, evaporation, drying), mechanical processes and machine design (transport, mechanical disintegration, storage, agglomeration, mixing and separation of mixtures of materials) are the most relevant topics where research and development activities of department´s staff can be found. Experimental determination of physical and thermo-physical properties of various substances and mixtures is an integral part of R&D activities as well. The team has plenty of experience with simulation of separation and reaction processes, designs and applications, including in the area of wastewater and gases.

      In the framework of lifelong learning, we offer various postgraduate courses, career courses for graduates as well as professionally oriented courses for both graduates and graduates of secondary schools.